Hi, peeps and a Warm Welcome to my adventure blog. So, I come from Italy, and my name is Cinzia. Complicated pronounces. Most of the people prefer to call me Cynthia, and for me it is okay. I’m just a crazy forty-eight years old girl full of energy and will to live to the most comprehensive as long as possible. More than four years in Australia and I’m in love with this fabulous and fierce Country. Australia gives me a lot of reason to be happy like travel, meet new people and also challenge me very hard. It is still harder than I was thinking but I never give up. I will keep going to explore, to finding the new place to visit, tell the beautiful story, make the videos on my YT channel and take pictures to share with all of you. The best way to know each other is following me if you like and tell something about you too. I apologise for my English. It is not perfect.By the way, see you soon !!!!