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Look around you.

Look around you. Look the world with different eyes, watch the peoples around you. We are they; they are us. Look at the sky, not your devices. Enjoy your time, do not make selfie about you, life is short to lose your time. Look around you the World is changing, it was a beautiful place to live, don’t destroy it. Look around you. The Sea is blue, the Sun is red and yellow, don’t be blind, look around you. To be friendly, to be generous, to be loving. Look around you; the people have a different skin color, come from different Country, but still have the same soul. Look around you with of a lot of love. Look around you, our time is not infinite. Look around you, please do not lose your time. Advertisements

Cose da fare in Broome.

Oltre alle bellissime avventure di cui vi ho parlato nel video, vi voglio scrivere qua, dove poter mangiare qualcosa, piuttosto che bere una buona birra in Broome. Vi saranno sicuramente utili per assaporare cibi diversi e godervi al massimo una vacanza in  questo meraviglioso posto. FOOD: Modern Australian.    CABLES RESTAURANT & BAR THE WHARF.     End of port drive at Port of Broom. ZANDERS .  At cable beach Reserve. BAR AND BISTRO’.              MATSO’S BROOME BREWERY. AARLI BAR  ASIAN.                                  THAI ORCHID. RAMBUTAN. CAFE’                                     WILLIE CREEK GRILL.      willie Creek Pearl farm THE MANGO PLACE. PUB GRUB                          Murphy’s Irish Pub. …