Do you know that even the farmers are blogging?


When we talk about the peasants, in the imagination of many people a single image peeks out. A Small and curvy man, a bit ‘rough and not at all clean. If we think of a woman, jump on’ a little chubby woman dressed in rags. And apron always close at hand, at least these are the photos of past times of people who they have created from a primary need, real work that in the scale of human needs and the very first step of a great pyramid. The famous pyramid of needs, and who does not know it?



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But let’s get back to these peasants. The farmers. Often considered poor ignorant people, who however with their ability to produce food from a piece of land, (maybe not too fertile) will always know how to get by in the event of war or other dark moments. It ‘s because if you do not know how to use a PC, you live equally but without food … let me think .. I would say that you are in trouble.




Of course, the importance of Social Media, should not be ‘touched, in fact, I’m here’ to write on my blog. Yes, because I’ve been a farmer for more than four years and I have to say I’m proud of it. In fact today I am here to write something on this subject that touches me very carefully, and I would like many people to understand the importance of our work, how much passion and to love it takes to carry out a tiring but satisfying activity. I suppose that not a lot of people knows, that the farmers are very well informed. Especially the biological agriculture that leaves very little room for ignorance. Above all, Nowadays that Organic farming, cancer prevention, respect for local communities, zero kilometres and conservation of traditions and more, are only some of the issues more and more “ present in our life when we choose what to put in our fridge and on our table. Some parents understand the importance of healthy eating. They recognised the importance of safeguarding their own and their children’s health. Some people luckily have realised that the planet that hosts us must be respected. People who have understood the importance and responsibility that every day all of us and especially the farmers have in growing healthy fruit and vegetables so that each of us has the opportunity to eat instead of poisoning our bodies. Now, maybe you’re thinking; here is the usual fanatics! No, I would not say correctly, I’m just a person who wants to express his point of view and has the right as everyone in the world. Others will think about would be nice to have the chance to buy organic foods. But it will be too expensive compared to conventional food !!! Even here, it’s an insane thought. There are alternatives to supermarkets (and I beg you big companies …) I do not want to; I have nothing against anyone. But maybe suggest buying directly from the manufacturer, where it is apparent costs much less, where you go ‘to support local activities, who love to help you and who love to treat our planet with love. I hope you know how to smile and have fun reading what I have written, how I smile when I hear people saying; let’s go to the country today, so I put on a hat, a straw in my mouth and I’m a farmer.





The food we put every day on the table must also feed our Earth.






Female travel solo.

Surely it has happened to everyone to travel alone, and inevitably it will happen many other times if like me you have the desire to go in the blood. We know it’s a call too loud to be ignored, so here we are thinking about when and how to create another opportunity to take possession of a period free of commitments of whatever nature they are. Now it’s too late to stop this irrepressible desire to leave. Our ears already hear the roar of the airborne as it prepares for another take-off and our mind gallops at the thought of new places to explore, new people, to know, fresh foods to savour, different smells and colours. All travellers face risks but unfortunately women can face greater risks than men and be particularly vulnerable in specific countries or cultures. So, today I am going to talk about travel safety, but not to be too wordy and annoying I want to start with the section: Safe transport. This content intends to provide you with information to minimise the risks you can face on your journey.



The first important thing to think about, definitely try to organise the transport from the airport to the hotel before your arrival. if it is not possible, use only licensed and reputable taxis.

Inform your Hotel of your arrival time in front of the driver, let’s him know that someone is waiting for your arrival. It is also essential to take the seat behind the driver so that he cannot look too much in case he is ill-intentioned, the less he understands about you, the more you will be safe.

If you are using public transport, try to sit next to another woman.

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By train, avoid sitting in a carriage where you are the only passenger.

Do not forget, that no country is safe, for women to hitchhike.



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Tasting Sashimi at Kailis Fish market.

e04f8-18161752_121436585079798_931780927095308288_nSaturday morning, under a regenerative drizzle I was in Leederville ( Perth ) to walk and to test the new Gimbal for my Sony camera and meditate to buy maybe the new one for the GoPro camera too. My attention instantly captures by a Kallis Fish market showcase.

Kailis Fish market it is not only a shop but a nice Restaurant with a fantastic Menu. Kailis Bros Leederville.

In advance to comment my lunch, I should be honest with you all. I come from Italy, and at first, the food in Australia was a shock to me. I spent a long time to find a balance between my palate and different flavors. Anyway, that was and is an interesting lesson about to have always an open mind to experiment something different around the world.

By the way. My choice was an excellent plate of Sashimi, light and fresh, surrounded by a cheerful and colorful mixed salad.
Of course, my plate of Sashimi it was well accompanied by an excellent white wine from Adelaide. Forgive me if I don’t remember the name, but the list of wine is really consistent.
I’m leaving you with a lot of beautiful picture about Kailis Fishmarket​ and the suggestion of spending a few hours in the truly cute Leederville and enjoying a plate of excellent fresh fish from the Indian Ocean.

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Perth. Indian delicious dinner.

I was in Perth last Tuesday, to have a course. I went there by train, and after an annoying two hours trip finally, I got the City. The idea was to get the Hotel, grab the shower and find a nice restaurant to enjoy my solo dinner. I was tired and certainly go back to the center even if was close  It not excited me that much. I will have two tough days about video editing course, and the only thing that I was wishing was rest and prepare my mind for the day later. So, went out and just walked upside down to the Pier St to find a nice little place to have some for dinner. The exotic aroma that came from an Indian restaurant suddenly wrapped me in a frenzied dance of distant landscapes.

The restaurant is City Heart located  Shop 2, 48 Pier St. Perth. I strode inside and immediately a kind boy came to me to ask what can do for me. Took me at a nice little table and started to lay it. Left a moment to get back with a fresh bottle of water and a list of dishes available.

Dine in menu

View our Dine in Menu

Take Away

View our Take Away Menu.

I have no idea, what the Indian taste was like, but I was determined to have some very typical. Of course I asked a lot to this poor boy, and in the end, a told him that I like a vegetable, chicken and fried rice. So, he should decide for me!!!! Big responsibility!!! Not because I’m fussy but a little demanding person ..yes! I am!!

I wait a little bit longer that I was expected, but it was worth. The chicken was soft, the rise very well cooked and the vegetable crispy and everything fresh and spicy at the right point. My fabulous dinner was served in a particular Indian load of dishes in metal with refined relief drawings, everything was accompanied by a scented glass of pinot noir.

The atmosphere was nice and calm, and the restaurant is graceful, nice choice to spend a dinner time with your friends or family.

I hope you can find helpful this review.

Enjoy the life!!!

The Kimbrley Region.

The Kimberley region is one of the six state and two territory of West Australia, situated in the most northern part of the state and extends for 423.517 km for a population about 41.000 peoples. The Northside is on the Timor Sea, at Westside on the Indian Ocean, and the Eastside borders with the North Territory. Fascinating to know that the Kimberley was the First part of Australia where are settled humans, and the first arrivals found attest them date back from 40.000 years ago from today Asia. Instead, the first European was Alexander Forrest arrived in 1879.
In the Kimberley, there are mountain ranges ancient and steep, and the extreme climate removes all the soil leaving only rock except in the valleys of the rivers Ord and Fitzroy at South. The climate is tropical, and the 90% of rain occur from November until April, and the cyclone are not rare most in Broome. The most of the Kimberley region is the cover of Savaniche zone where you can see lots of Boab tree.
In some gorges sheltered from the rain can be found surprising rainforest. The economy of the Kimberley is based on the Diamond mine of the Argyle Lake and Ellendale, the agriculture, tourism and a thriving industry linked to the cultivation of Pearls.

Pearl Farm


Lake Argyle


A little falls in the beautiful Rainforest.


Who I am!

Buongiorno, buon pomeriggio oppure buona sera a tutti e BENVENUTI sul mio Blog. Il mio nome e’ Cynthia, e vivo in Australia, più’ precisamente nel West Australia. Sono arrivata qua” nel Novembre del 2013 ed e’ ora di raccontarvi un po’ di me. Ho 45 anni, ma non me li sento per niente, sono allegra e forse un po’ pazza, parecchie persone giurerebbero totalmente fuori di testa….forse hanno le loro ragioni per pensare questo, ma sinceramente poco mi importa perché’ la mia più’ grande scoperta e’ stata quella di rendermi conto che se ciò’ che faccio mi rende felice non posso certamente ascoltare i pareri altrui e perdere tempo a vivere la vita che altri riderebbero giusta per me!!! Sin troppa gente e’ capace a dare giudizi senza guardare prima se stessi, Anyway… In Italia facevo la Parrucchiera, un mestiere che ho portato avanti per quasi 30 anni nel bene e nel male, perché’ si sa’ in ogni lavoro c’e’ il bello ed il brutto, ma e’ cosi per tutti quindi nessun rimpianto, mai guardare indietro!!!! In Australia per me e’ iniziata una vita nuova, totalmente opposta a quella che conducevo in Italia, qui’ tutto e’ all’opposto dell’Europa…cibo, vita sociale, abitudini, orari e chi più’ ne ha più’ ne metta, ma avremo modo di conoscere meglio l’Australia con altri articoli. Ora lavoro nella Farm del mio compagno e coltiviamo verdure e frutta Organica. Un lavoro difficile e durissimo, ma anche in questo caso non mi lamento perché comunque  indietro ricevo un sacco di soddisfazioni e sopratutto sono felice di sapere da dove arriva il cibo di cui mi nutro. Quando posso la mia più’ grande passione e viaggiare che sia per poche ore, per giorni, e ancora meglio se e’ per settimane e settimane!!! Scoprire posti nuovi, scattare fotografie e fare video. Purtroppo ad oggi l’impegno messo in questo e’ stato poco per via del lavoro e anche per la difficolta nel’ inserirmi in un contesto completamente diverso da quello conosciuto in Italia. Per non parlare della mitica ….lingua Inglese  ( I love English) …che continua a crearmi non pochi problemi ancora oggi, ma non ci si arrende mai e sopratutto sfidare se stessi nella vita e’ una cosa importante ed eccitantissima. E’ una novità’ ogni giorno, un nuovo insegnamento, che altro dire ? Parliamo un po’ di cosa cresciamo in Farm, allora,….Sedano, broccoli, zucchine, pomodori, bietole, rape, angurie…gnammy buonissima l’anguria io l’adoro ne mangerei a quintali, come dice il mio compagno mi mangio tutti i profitti ahahah. Abbiamo anche meloni, cavolfiori, insomma un sacco di frutta e verdura fresca e lavoriamo ogni giorno una media di 12 ore, ma stare all’aria aperta , (anche se sotto il sole cocente o sotto la pioggia) non ha prezzo, non so’  voi ma onestamente non potrei mai ritornare a fare un lavoro che mi costringe ore ed ore chiusa in un locale. Amo gli spazi aperti , cosi’ il mio sguardo può andare oltre come la mia mente sempre in movimento. Tornando alla mia passione per foto e video ad oggi uso per le foto una Canon 70d di cui vado orgogliosa e che ho intenzione di usare sino a quando non sarà’ capace di non fare più’ errori, poi Upgrade for sure guys!!!!! Per i miei video ho una piccola ed utilissima Sony che adoro, ma che la scorsa settimana mi ha fatta piangere e non poco fulminandosi una SD card con gran parte della prima parte delle mie che problema c’e’? Sono impresse nel mio cuore..e per fortuna il mio compagno a parecchi video sul suo telefonino!!! Grande amore mio…!!!!!  La voglia di imparare e’ tantissima come la voglia di viaggiare per fotografare, filmare posti nuovi e conoscere più’ gente possibile, un esperienza magnifica che lascia tanta ricchezza nel cuore. Ad ogni viaggio ,ad ogni video, ad ogni foto si legano emozioni che non si possono dimenticare. Questa’ sono io, questo articolo e’ solo una piccola finestra sulla mia vita! Vieni a conoscermi meglio! Ti aspetto qua’  e sul mio Canale YT, con la Mia Australia e la mia passione per la vita!!! A presto.