Perth. Indian delicious dinner.

I was in Perth last Tuesday, to have a course. I went there by train, and after an annoying two hours trip finally, I got the City. The idea was to get the Hotel, grab the shower and find a nice restaurant to enjoy my solo dinner. I was tired and certainly go back to the center even if was close  It not excited me that much. I will have two tough days about video editing course, and the only thing that I was wishing was rest and prepare my mind for the day later. So, went out and just walked upside down to the Pier St to find a nice little place to have some for dinner. The exotic aroma that came from an Indian restaurant suddenly wrapped me in a frenzied dance of distant landscapes.

The restaurant is City Heart located  Shop 2, 48 Pier St. Perth. I strode inside and immediately a kind boy came to me to ask what can do for me. Took me at a nice little table and started to lay it. Left a moment to get back with a fresh bottle of water and a list of dishes available.

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I have no idea, what the Indian taste was like, but I was determined to have some very typical. Of course I asked a lot to this poor boy, and in the end, a told him that I like a vegetable, chicken and fried rice. So, he should decide for me!!!! Big responsibility!!! Not because I’m fussy but a little demanding person ..yes! I am!!

I wait a little bit longer that I was expected, but it was worth. The chicken was soft, the rise very well cooked and the vegetable crispy and everything fresh and spicy at the right point. My fabulous dinner was served in a particular Indian load of dishes in metal with refined relief drawings, everything was accompanied by a scented glass of pinot noir.

The atmosphere was nice and calm, and the restaurant is graceful, nice choice to spend a dinner time with your friends or family.

I hope you can find helpful this review.

Enjoy the life!!!


The Kimbrley Region.

The Kimberley region is one of the six state and two territory of West Australia, situated in the most northern part of the state and extends for 423.517 km for a population about 41.000 peoples. The Northside is on the Timor Sea, at Westside on the Indian Ocean, and the Eastside borders with the North Territory. Fascinating to know that the Kimberley was the First part of Australia where are settled humans, and the first arrivals found attest them date back from 40.000 years ago from today Asia. Instead, the first European was Alexander Forrest arrived in 1879.
In the Kimberley, there are mountain ranges ancient and steep, and the extreme climate removes all the soil leaving only rock except in the valleys of the rivers Ord and Fitzroy at South. The climate is tropical, and the 90% of rain occur from November until April, and the cyclone are not rare most in Broome. The most of the Kimberley region is the cover of Savaniche zone where you can see lots of Boab tree.
In some gorges sheltered from the rain can be found surprising rainforest. The economy of the Kimberley is based on the Diamond mine of the Argyle Lake and Ellendale, the agriculture, tourism and a thriving industry linked to the cultivation of Pearls.

Pearl Farm


Lake Argyle


A little falls in the beautiful Rainforest.