Tasting Sashimi at Kailis Fish market.

e04f8-18161752_121436585079798_931780927095308288_nSaturday morning, under a regenerative drizzle I was in Leederville ( Perth ) to walk and to test the new Gimbal for my Sony camera and meditate to buy maybe the new one for the GoPro camera too. My attention instantly captures by a Kallis Fish market showcase.

Kailis Fish market it is not only a shop but a nice Restaurant with a fantastic Menu. Kailis Bros Leederville.

In advance to comment my lunch, I should be honest with you all. I come from Italy, and at first, the food in Australia was a shock to me. I spent a long time to find a balance between my palate and different flavors. Anyway, that was and is an interesting lesson about to have always an open mind to experiment something different around the world.

By the way. My choice was an excellent plate of Sashimi, light and fresh, surrounded by a cheerful and colorful mixed salad.
Of course, my plate of Sashimi it was well accompanied by an excellent white wine from Adelaide. Forgive me if I don’t remember the name, but the list of wine is really consistent.
I’m leaving you with a lot of beautiful picture about Kailis Fishmarket​ and the suggestion of spending a few hours in the truly cute Leederville and enjoying a plate of excellent fresh fish from the Indian Ocean.

Image result for picture about sashimi and white wine

Image result for picture about sashimi and white wine

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